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Dallas County- Roger Miller, Road and Bridge- 972-255-2378
Chambers County- Don Brandon, Engineer- 409-267-8379
Upshur County pct.1- Jerry Orms, Commissioner- 903-843-4006
Upshur County pct.4- Russell Green, Commissioner- 903-843-4023
Kaufman County- Jerry Brewer, Commissioner- 903-935-4865
City of Tallulah- C.J. Owney, Pub. Works- 318-574-4221
East Carol Parrish- Fred Boughton, Louisiana- 318-559-2250
Van Zandt County- Ricky Lapard, 903-962-3505
K & L Supply- Phil Landis, 800-288-2744
Parker County- Danny Choate, 817-220-7218
Lamar County- Mike Blackbum, 903-785-2252
Goliad County- Jerry Rodriguez, 361-439-7509
San Patricion County- Fred Nardini, 361-528-3010
Harrison County- John Paul Jones, County Engr.- 903-935-4868
Wise County- Mike Richardson, Commissioner- 940-433-5365

Commissioner Report

By Ricky LaPrade

Pct 1 commissioner

Many of the culverts in Van Zandt County as in other counties, are so clogged that water cannot
run through them.
When water cannot run through the culvert it will run over it or around it, washing out the roads
and driveways, and many times flooding homes and property.
When water stands in ditches, it creates a health hazard. It becomes breeding grounds for deadly
disease-carrying mosquitoes.
In September 2001, Monroe, La., and Ouchita Parish exhausted their budgets trying to combat the
mosquitoes carrying an epidemic which took the lives of several people and made many others sick.
The cost of cleanup and repair after heavy rains takes a huge bite out of many limited budgets.
Until now counties and cities have struggled with this problem, digging up culverts and trying to
clean them out by standing them on end and shaking the blockage out.
In almost all cases, the culverts are so damaged they have had to be replaced. This is a long and
expensive process.
I know that $1 spent on preventive maintenance is equal to $10 saved on repairs. I looked at this
situation and decided that a Porta-Mole Culvert Cleaner is the quickest and most economical tool
on the market. It requires only two people to operate it with no heavy equipment involved.
Thanks to this decision, the county is already cleaning out culverts which have been clogged for years.
Jerry Rodriguez- Goliad, TX County Commissioner " The Porta-Mole Culvert Cleaning System
saves roads, time and money and is good public relations for getting re-elected"

Kaufman County
Kaufman, Texas

Dear Mr. Barton

We purchased the Porta-Mole Culvert Cleaning System on January 29, 2001 and are very
pleased with the results.

We have eliminated the need to tie up expensive equipment and waste man hours digging up
culverts to beat out the trash. It took only 2 men and a pick-up truck to pull a trailer. This saves
us time and money since we can clean out a culvert in a matter of minutes.

As County Commissioner Precinct 4, Kaufman County, I highly recommend your Culvert
Cleaning System to anyone who is responsible for cleaning culverts.

Jerry Brewer

Harrison County Road and Bridge Department
Marshal, Texas

Dear Mr. Herriford,

We would like to express our satisfaction with the effectiveness of the Porta-Mole Culvert Cleaning System
that your company manufactured and supplied to Harrison County.

We use the system an average of two days per week for maintaining both the driveways and cross culverts.
The system does a more thorough job in less time than any other process that we used in the past. It allows
us to clean a series of culverts in less time with less equipment and fewer people than cleaning one culvert
in the past. In addition, we are able to clean culverts that previously would have been replaced.

Due to the simplicity and cost effectiveness, we recommend the Porta-Mole Culvert Cleaning System for
any entity that is responsible for culvert maintenance.

JP Jones

John Wiley Price- Dallas, TX County Commissioner " We bought our system in July and it paid for
itself on the very first project alone. Tell all my colleagues about it and I'm personally ecstatic!"
Russell Green- Upshur, TX County Commissioner " We can clean culverts in minutes and not worry
about having to replace the culvert. I was wondering if anyone invent a devise to clean out
culvert pipes quickly and inexpensively."

Jerry Greer-Harrison County "We pull the self contained rig up to the job site, unload, clean the
culvert, reload and drive off in one hour. Roger Sanders road crew are cleaning out culvert
pipes that have never been cleaned out before."

Mike Richardson-Wise County Commissioner " The Porta-Mole System is an ideal way to keep
your fixed overhead labor doing something useful when the weather prohibits road work. The
other day one crew did a near impossible job perfectly and saved us 300 to 400 dollars. By the
way, our crews really like using the machine."

To whom it may concern,

In precinct #1 we have had a number of drainage problems due to clogged culvert
drains. A few months ago while at a seminar, I was introduced to a culvert
cleaning system called "Porta-Mole".

In the past we had to dig up the culvert, stand it on end and shake it out to clean
it, then replace it.

With the "Porta-Mole", we can now clean several culverts in the same length
of time it used to take just to clean one.

We have had our "Porta-Mole" approximately one month and it has almost
paid for itself in just that short period of time.

It is completely self contained and requires no other equipment other
than a pick-up truck to transport it to the job site and just two employees
to operate it safely.

To me, this is one of those purchases that a person doesn't regret
making and I am extremely pleased with it.

Danny Choate

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