How to bore longer accurate holes using the surface bore guide aiming device

How to bore shorter holes using the joy stick aiming device

How to bore holes with limited set-up space


How to clean clogged culvert drains

Successful Boring Tips

1. Smaller pilot bits make more accurate holes, but use a larger pilot bit
   in sticky clay conditions.
2. Bore slowly! Do not try to push the machine too hard. Use the hand winch
   and let the bit do the work. Pushing too hard can get you stuck and cause
   the stem to divert off path.
3. Make sure the entrance trench is long enough for the drill stem to flex
   down to the depth of the bore without binding the stem.
4. Do not advance the bit into the bore until you have a steady constant
   water flow out the bit. 
5. When using the surface boring guide, make sure it is as close to the start
   of the bore as possible and is firmly secured and does not move.
6. Do not bore past your destination. Measure the length of the bore first
   and only bore that far. SEE VIDEO

Trouble Shooting

1. Honda engine dies after boring- The Honda power units must stay completly
   full of oil or the oil alert system will kick in and kill the engine.
2. Pilot bit gets stuck- Don't bore to quickly and swab the hole often.Use a
   larger pilot bit in sticky clay. If you get a kink in your garden hose while
   advancing the machine forward, your water supply will shut off and you will get
   stuck- monitor your water pressure gauge and make sure the pressure doesn't
   drop, likewise if the pressure goes way up that means you are boring to 
   quickly and may be clogging the pilot bit water holes.
3. Won't start- There are 2 on/off switches(on the motor and on the handle)make 
   sure both are on. Top the engine off with oil.Gas? 
4. Hole caves in in sand or loose soils- Use the "swivel attachment" to pull
   back your installation while back reaming back to the destination.Call for details.