PRODUCT INFO Mission Statement

Porta-Mole simply stands alone when it comes to consistently, accurately and rapidly completing boring jobs that range from simple to the most adverse con- ditions that are boreable. Our sole focus has been the manufacture, research and development of the best and most versatile earth boring equipment avail- able. During this time, our customers have shared with us a great deal of boring knowledge and it's reflected in both the quality of our equipment and our ability to support our customers. Also, our staff is available to help you with any unusual projects that may require us to design and build a customized part to meet your specific requirements. From our hand-held EZ-Auger to our powerful 9 H.P. Porta-Mole HD series, you can feel confident that there is 34 years of "experience" behind every pro- duct that leaves our factory. To be known by our users as the most versatile earth boring machine is an honor and reputation that Porta-Mole has proudly earned from years of time and money saving results. When you buy a Porta-Mole Boring System, you are also getting a company with a strong tradition of treating their customers as part of a team. A team dedicated to high standards as well as success!



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