PRODUCT INFO Mission Statement

Carlton International Mfg. DBA Porta Mole Underground Boring Systems is dedicated to building machinery and tooling that consistently, accurately and rapidly completes horizontal boring jobs. That can range from simple to the most adverse conditions including rock and loose sand. Our sole focus has been the manufacture, research and development of the best and most versatile earth boring equipment available for a modest investment and not requiring more than two people to operate. During this time, our customers have shared with us a great deal of boring knowledge and it's refected in both the quality of our equipment and our ability to support our customers. Also, our staff is available to help you with any unusual projects that may require us to design and build customized equipment or parts to meet your specific requirments. From our hand-held EZ-Auger to our Classic Porta Mole HD series to our Hydraulic based TM9's and SM11's you can feel confident that there is 34 years of experience behind every product that leaves our factory. To be known by our users as the most versatile earth boring machines is an honor and reputation that Porta Mole has proudly earned from years of time with money saving results for our customers. When you buy a Porta Mole Boring System you are dealing with a company with a strong tradition of treating their customers as part of a team. A team dedicated to high standards as well as success!
PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES Carlton International Mfg. DBA Porta Mole Underground Boring Systems incorporates state of the art machining and manufacturing processes as well as centuries old tried and true machining and manufacturing processes. These processes include millwork, lathing, arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, brazing, CNC milling and lathing, metalworking, etc... We have our own inhouse engineers as well as outside consultants. Incorporating hydraulic power supplies, motors, pumps, control valves, directional flow valves, hosing, etc... All the pertinent needs to produce and sell primarily horizontal earth boring/drilling machines and all the necessary accessories that go along with that - drill rods, drill bits, reamers, pulling devices locating devices, etc... We produce 70-80% of all the products we sell/assemble. We also supply our dealers/subsidiaries Porta Mole Australia, ACE Engineering India, FEMA of Italy, Henard Utility Supply, B&M Equipment Supply, Texas Irrigation Supply, Harry Persad adn Sons, etc... We supply several of the Ditch Witch Outlets, Sheno Corporation, and other drilling related dealer/distributors with drill bits etc... In addition to producing our core products we manufacture goods for other local companies such as Worksite Lighting, Awful Ventures, AV Improvements and Star Industries. We are also dealer/distributor for companies such as Star Industries, SlingCo, Jameson LLC, and NT Diamond. We have a ten year track record of all orders being completed on time and in full.



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