OVERSEAS SHIPPING INFOAll prices are approximate and subject to change different times of the yearAll quotes are from:Carlton Int. Mfg. Co.4104 Garland Dr.Ft. Worth, Texas 76117Does not include any DUTY, TAXES or CUSTOMES CHARGESWhen you need an exactquote WE MUST HAVE YOURSHIPPING ADDRESS! or PORTCanadian border $425.00- Ground9 HP Normal size shippment.Must have broker serviceto go through customs.Uraguay- Motevideo $1760.00- Ocean11 HP TM Large size shippment.India- New Deli $1579.00- Air9 HP Normal size shippment.Australia- Darwin Port $1300 Ocean5.5 TM Normal size shippment.Australia- Victoria $2905.50 Air9 HP Normal size shippment.Congo- Kinshasa $3000.00 Air$1200.00 Ocean9 HP Normal size shippment.Ghana- Airport $2991.009 HP Normal size shippment.Ecuador- Quito $2318.39 Air11 HP TM Large size shippment.Afganastan- $3548.20 Air9 HP Normal size shippment.Nigeria- Airport $2248.45 Air9 HP Normal size shippment.West Indies- $1359.00 Ocean11 HP TM Large size shippment.Kenya $2297.20 Air9 HP Normal size shippment.Romania- Airport $4910.55 Air11 HP Extra heavy and large size shippment.Kuwait- Seaport $739.73 Ocean5.5 TM Normal size shippment.

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