A hydraulic track style boring machine. STAR-TRACK runs off of the PTO of many styles of construction equipment including MINI-X and Skid Steer.
Your STAR-TRACK can be purchased with a custom HAUL-ALL complete trailer package that holds all the important tools, even the drill rods! In these photos we are using a Mini-X. A Mini-X can be used to dig the trench for pipe installation and dig the trench for the STAR-TRACK. After the trench is dug, use the Mini-X to lower the STAR-TRACK into place. Once the STAR-TRACK is in place, simply connect the hydraulic hoses to the PTO on the Mini-X and enjoy 2500 psi of boring power. The STAR-TRACK is the most accurate and easy to set power unit in a tight space situation!
Here The STAR-TRACK is in action boring a hole to install 8" pipe 12.5 feet below the surface and the shoring is only 22" wide! Lowering the STAR-TRACK into the hole. Boring the pilot hole. STAR-TRACK can also be powered by hydraulic powered PORTA-MOLES! 800-255-9311 fax 817-281-7712 local 817-281-0107 8am - 4:30pm (central) mon. - fri. FOR SALES portamole@yahoo.com