Widest variety of bits, accessories and our new ACCU-TRACK locating system.

PROVEN to bore in Hard Rock Conditions with our "GOLD" line of bits and reamers.

We offer Sqd. 160 Extra Heavy Drill Stem.

We use a 1" thread with a 7/16 hole for strength and max water flow.

Our "JOY STICK" aiming devise is the best idea for quick, accurate and SAFE bores.

Our "SURFACE BORING GUIDE" aiming device works ABOVE ground, is heavier and sturdier, uses a real rifle scope to aim and securely holds the aiming tubes in place for a more accurate bore. We have the best Hand-Winch with our "Center Pull" design. Other winch designs are very hard to pull the cable out, our clever winch counter balance design makes it easy.

Larger diameter wheels.

Works above ground and does not need a big pit dug out.

Only Portable machine that drops the Drill Rods SAFELY down into the trench.

Easier to bore an accurate hole. Does not want to dive.

Works in the least amount of set up space.

Best configuration for core boring.

SAFETY: We have 2 kill switches, All the drill stem is down in the trench, TM HD's have a neutral and can turn large diameter reamers safely and slowly. Will usually be 1 less drill rod in the chain.

Large Parts inventory- we don't want you to suffer down time.

We offer a Complete 'TRAILER PACKAGE" with Water Tank, Pump, Tools, Racks and all accessories to bore in remote areas. 2 men can easily unload from the back of a small pick-up.

Thousands of machines sold since 1974.....we must know what we are doing!